ZIFF mourns the passing today of one of Zanzibar’s favorite sons- John Da Silva. Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 by ZIFF the late John Da Silva was lauded for his actvism and care in conservation. John Da Silva was one of the most prolific and acclaimed artists of Zanzibar and Tanzania in general. He was born in Goa and found his love for art when he fell in love with Stone Town. Later he said “I never went to an art class but I just wanted to keep the memory of Zanzibar forever”. Starting with painting and re- the Catholic Cathedral in Zanzibar, he moved on to sketching, drawing and painting the one love of his life- Stone Town. He has immortalized Stone Town through making art lovers encounter the present and the past in his furtive water colours. Ulale Pema Peponi Ndugu yetu John Da Silva.

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