Maroc/ 2012
96  min

Director : Az Larabe Alaoui
Script: Az Larabe Alaoui
Photograhy: Fadel Chouika
Editing: Ghizlan Assif
Sound: Najib Chlih
Soundtrack: Mohamed Oussama
Production: Saiss Medit

with: Jalila Tlemsi, Mohamed Khouyi, Lina Hanafi, Hassan Badida


Androman  tells the story of a modest, rural family living from charcoal trade in a remote and isolated part in Middle Atlas called “Boulemane”. the father, Oshn, meaning in Tamazight wolf, exercised his authority over his daughter, Androman, and turning her into a male after his failed attempts to have a son. The father desperately wants a son so that he will be carefree about the future of the family’s properties and heritage.