South Africa 2011
Directed byAdze Ugah
Starring : Lillian Dube, Kagiso Rakosa, Jet Novuka, Andile Mxakaza, Bongani Maseko, Bubu Mazibuko, …


Gog’ Helen lives a forgotten life in a shantytown until she and her only relative, her beautiful granddaughter Agnes, become sucked into a life-and-death race against time as they try to get Gogo’s life savings back while outrunning vicious criminals involved in prostitution rings.

The events are sparked off when the unsuspecting Agnes, in a gesture of goodwill, buys Gogo a new mattress but also throws away the old one without Gogo’s knowledge. What Agnes doesn’t know is that inside the mattress is her grandmother’s life savings! So when Gogo returns home, the joy of seeing her granddaughter is quickly replaced by the agony of losing all her life savings.

The two rush to retrieve the mattress, only to discover that it is already on its way for recycling. Gog’ Helen and Agnes go in hot pursuit of the mattress … but meantime Agnes’ employers, a gang of ruthless prostitution racketeers, who are none too pleased that their cash cow is not making money for them, descend on the quiet informal community.

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