Country – Iran
Director – Davod Tohidparast
Language – Persian
Year of production – 2012
Duration – 1:30



Shirin is an idealist girl who strongly believes in fighting with ugliness and promoting beauty. Because of her keen interest in playing football and a fight with one of her classmates she gets expelled from her high school by her school principal who hates women’s football. Shirin, unlike the opinion of her brother and friends intends to object her expelling but her logical protests have no effect on the powerful and tyrant principal of the high school. Influenced by Sara one of her friends who also likes football, Shirin wears boys’ clothing and together they go to the stadium to watch a football game but they are caught and arrested by the police. Shirin’s mother finds out and fiercely confronts her. Shirin is forced to write a pledge to the school principal. She reads it in front of the students and officially apologizes to the principal and eventually returns to school but she still goes on believing that she has to fight ugliness and promote beauty…



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