Mali, 2012, 70 min
Producer: Dominique PHILIPPE
Director: Dominique PHILIPPE
Cinematographer: Boubacar Sada SIssoko
Production Designer: Moustapha Diallo
Editor: Lenka Fillnérova
Costume Design. Alou Giminou
Soundtrack: Coke Rioboo
Sound Design :Yaya Sinayoko
Visual Effects: Souleyman Konaté
Screenplay :Dominique PHILIPPE


Makan is in love with Sira. But his earnings as a woodcarver are hardly enough to support himself, let alone a wife. When he goes to visit a friend who now runs a lottery kiosk, his friend persuades him to buy a ticket, which he places in his jacket pocket and forgets. As luck would have it, Makan’s numbers come-up and he wins the jackpot. Now, the only problem is, he has to find his jacket which he left with a co-worker’s sister, who gave it to her boyfriend, who gave it to his sister who gave it to someone else, etcetera, etcetera. Thus starts a wild chase through the streets of Bamako, searching for the jacket and thus the winning ticket. But so intent is Makan on finding the lottery ticket that he neglects Sira, the object of his affection.

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