Malawi, 2012
110 minutes

Director:   Shemu Joyah
Producer:  Shemu Joyah
Screen writer:  Shemu Joyah
Director of Photography: Peter Mazunda
Editor:  Ernest Chikuni and Shemu Joyah
Music:   Agorosso Lloyd Phaundi
Production : FirstDawn Arts


A once successful fisherman on Lake Malawi (Yusufu) is now struggling due to the depletion of fish in the lake, while his cultural values are being threatened by the expanding tourist industry. His son (Mustafa), whom he had hoped would be a fisherman, has become a tourist guide and rumours are abound that he sleeps with both female and male tourists for money; while his young and beautiful third wife (Biti Anefa) is torn between loyalty to her husband and the endless sexual overtures by a white tourist (Richard) who is ready to pay her anything in order to sleep with her. The story develops into a cultural clash between traditional African values and modernisation.

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