a film by Dorothee Wenner
n collaboration with “Lagos Business Angels”
by Rimini Protokoll
with: Dolapo Ajayi, Sam Aniama, Jude Fejokwu, Femi Ladipo, Biyi Tunji-Olugbodi


DramaConsult stages and documents the clash of two business cultures that couldn’t be more different. Yet the three entrepreneurs and their consultants are determined to make the best of their trip to Germany. They plunge into meetings with architects and shoe designers, encounter bankers in Frankfurt, frequent Berlin-based spare part dealers and a trading company in Hamburg with a 175-year long tradition of doing business with African countries. DramaConsult explores the terrain and discovers quite some surprises, from a Nigerian perspective. The relevance of varying national tastes in sneaker design, the legendary German timidity in taking risks, the difference in attitude towards domestic help and its consequences for modern architecture – or simply the importance of the right suit for right moment – dress to impress!

Dolapo Ajayi introduces his German partners to a community in dire need of housing, but so far only in possession of valuable land in Lagos. Who wants a good stew needs good ingredients – and those are costly, comments the Chief of the community as models for construction are negotiated. But how costly and how good should the ingredients be? And who ultimately decides what is social and sustainable housing, what is cheap or expensive?

is not a film about business, it is business on screen.

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