South Africa/Germany, 2011 ,
55 min.

Director: Teboho Edkins
Producer: Andreas Louis, Anna Guddat
Scenario: François Xavier Drouet, Teboho Edkins
Cast: Teboho Edkins, Thurston Moses, Tammy Miosha Rass, Ralf ‘Jackals’ Peterson
Photography: Tom Akinleminu
Editor: Rune Schweitzer
Sound design: Thomas Wallmann, Niklas Kammertoens
Music: Alan Mensah            


Few white kids dare to enter a violent black township to shoot a film about gangsters. And it’s funny too. A young white filmmaker wants to make a film in a dangerous neighbourhood in Cape Town – a film about real gangsters. He looks for his protagonists and finds them and from a comic documentary, the film changes into a realistic short feature. A feature in which home truths about South Africa are again real.

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