2013 – RD Congo – Belgique
52 minutes
director: Douglas Ntimasiemi
scénario : Douglas Ntimasiemi – Raffi Aghekia
editing: Olivier Jourdain


Kinshasa mboka té… A city that exceeds the norm beyond anything we could imagine. It is a paradox and a spectacle, sometimes completely disjoined, with an approach to life and to survival that reinvents itself each day. Just when we think we have tamed it, it reacts in a way that is completely unpredictable. People there are solid as a rock yet fragile as crystal. Kinshasa mboka té… A city or not a city? A place where order and disorder straddle each other. Life there is a crazy race. One has got to remain alert, awake, never sleep. Kinshasa belongs to no one, but at the same time to everyone. It is all smoke and mirrors. What people experience there can never be experienced anywhere else – a total vibration. Each person lends it a particular colour, an interpretation. Kinshasa mboka té…

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