2012, Italy/Spain, 68′
by Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz,


Evoking the soul of a country, through a story of adversity, courage and hope, Lion Souls is a journey in Zimbabwe following the lives of two men, brought together not by fate, but faith in the hope of a brighter future. Carlo Spagnolli is an Italian surgeon who has devoted his life in helping others in Africa. Thomas is one of his patients, a 25 year old man stuck on a wheelchair after a ruthless beating by military soldiers that severely damaged his spine. With the help of Carlo he will face the biggest challenge of his life: standing up again and walking on his own feet. The two men meet as doctor and patient but their story is much deeper than that of a good Samaritan and a helpless victim. It’s a story about the power of ideals. Of keeping the faith. Of fighting the good fight in the face of adversity. It’s a parable of healing. And not of just one man…

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