Producer/Director: Feisal Malik
Running Time: 27:38
Country: Zanzibar
Year: 2012

Twenty miles off the East Coast of Africa sits the tropical Island of Zanzibar. Having been visited by early traders from Asia and Middle East and explorers from Europe as early as the 16th century, this tiny Island has played its part in History. At the time, Slaves, spices and Ivory provided the basis of considerable prosperity, making Zanzibar an important trade point in the western Indian Ocean, earning the label, “The Spice Island.” In more recent times, the Island has been a favored tourist destination, with holiday makers wanting to visit its beaches to soak in the sun, sand and more important its culture; an element that has been preserved to present day. This is a story about an island gripped with the love for its culture and how despite the presence of modernization and interactions with tourists from various nationalities, this culture is being passed down from generation to generation, hence being preserved.

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