Algeria, 2012
Director: Hamid Benamr
Musique:  Guem
with  Coco danseuse au Moulin rouge
Assia Guemra danseuse orientale
Tommie Smith, Angela Davis
Robert Meeropol, fils des Rosenberg
Marcel Khalifé, Mahmoud Darwish
Adonis, Jean Ristat, Rachid Taha
From pieces of papers glued together, are drawn and lined up the natures of multifaceted characters. From luxury magazines exhibiting the opulence of an unreachable world, are exposed figures who have broken and changed History. From goods which promote a dream of extreme consumption, are brought to light the dreams and the ideal of a whole people. NUNFILM official site of Hamid Benamra and Stéphanie Benamra   This is not a subject about the class struggle, but a way to highlight a paradox between a South fighting for food and a North avid for expansion. This is not a subject about a technical curiosity of an original artist but how to highlight the comments and the concern of a “his-(s)tory” conscious citizen. This is not a subject about diverting views but a reminder of comfortably forgotten stories. This is not a subject about an artist with demands but gathered pieces of demands from men and women who choose to make their dreams true.

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