Namibia, 2011
Director: Oshosheni Hiveluah


“100 Bucks” is an urban Namibian drama – the kind of film I have always wanted to make. This short film deals with issues that bring much joy and trouble to Namibians — love and money. Together with a very talented and committed director and a hardworking crew we were able to shoot a tight and complex script showcasing the talents of our dynamic cast. Our biggest challenge was covering all the different characters and locations in which the story unfolds whilst maintaining a sense of cohesion and flow. It was also very important to showcase Windhoek, our city, in her many guises. The Namibia Film Commission and Focus Feature’s Africa First Program made this film possible, together with the generous support of several local businesses and professionals. “100 bucks” will challenge its audience to not only consider the value of a hundred-dollars, but also the worth of their relationships and how the decisions we make everyday affect us all

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