Tanzania  (2013)
93 min

Written, Produced and Directed by Issa Mbura
Producer: Zainab Kihiyo
Camera Person: Ochieng Gad Ogweno
Director of Photography: Issa Mbura
Edited by Walter Kimaro

Starring: Remmy Maywili, Mbaraka Matitu, Sayuni Mero,
Ahmed Olotu (Mr. Chilo).

Also Starring: Susanne Mbise,), Richard Mshanga (Masinde), Yustina Silo, Phillip Mathew,
Josephine Christopher Gwamaka Lucas and many other fresh talents on screen

Production Company: Saseni Media, with the support from School of Journalism and Mass Communication,
and Department of Fine and Performing Arts, UDSM.

Natujwa is confident and optimistic of her well reserved “never fall in love with boys” attitude when at college. Not bearing in mind that the situation that she is in and people that surrounds her, she will need more than an attitude to survive their pressure; she will need a different thinking. Crush, set at UDSM, explores the college life and the social circumstances that hamper the vision of students towards what they are set to achieve.