Director : Lungelo  Molalose


Skyf is a witty tale that interweaves the journeys of seven strangers, all connected by their common addiction. Themba is a family man badly feeling the credit crunch. While trying to somehow conjure up his daughter’s school fees and her birthday gift in one day, he wrestles with his biggest problem- trying to stay off cigarettes. His life falls out of his hands the second he surrenders to his craving. Meanwhile, a group of hype-hungry, horny teenagers experimenting with smoking have their lives turned around in one day as they puff the magic dragon. The young and unwise S’busiso falls prey to the old scavenger that is peer pressure, opening up his world to more action than he ever encountered before. And central to all this is the cigarette store that satisfies everyone’s craving. The owner -an old man facing his own end- experiences an unexpected fatality in a single cloud of smoke.