panelA Panel of Experts in film policy met this morning for the East African Film Commission panel discussion at the Grand Palace Hotel to review the existing film funding activities in the individual countries which in many cases are very much inspired by European experiences adapted to the present African realities. Through the East African Film Commission Panel industry experts from Australia, Kenya, UK, Barbados, India and Tanzania discussed the potential for building an East African Film Commission focusing on policies that will enhance the burgeoning film industry.

Speaking to the press about her break and come back to the sets of Young & Restless and her workshop “Tonya Demystifies the Business of Acting” which shall take place from 9AM to 1PM on 6th July 2013 at Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) was ZIFF celebrity guest Ms. Tonya Lee Williams, she said that she is . Ms. Tonya also went on to speak about her passion about Movies, Television and Story Telling.



nicolas workshopNicholas Stampe, Chief Trainer of the “Film Production Workshop” running at the Old Dispensary till 7th July 2013 from 9am to 5pm spoke about the collaborative program with the Goethe Institute in Dar Es Salam and that the Film Production Workshop will take an innovative approach. Nicholas will lead the team with filmmaking production techniques. The training will focus on aspects of low budget filmmaking involving Scriptwriting, Preproduction, Production and Post Production. Also explaining the pros and cons faced in Ugandan Cinema was the Dennis Onen, representative of the Kampala Film School.

Mambo Club goers can expect a lovely Afro Jazz swinging session tonight at the Mambo Club as Mgodro and Swahili Vibes from DCMA perform live.  Zanzibari children of all ages participated today at the Stop Motion Animation workshop run by facilitators Arif and Audrey from Australia at the Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) till 3rd July 2013 from 9AM till 1PM.