Screening at Ngome Kongwe (Old Fort Amphitheatre) was “The Last Fishing Boat” directed by Malawian filmmaker Charles Shemu Joyah.  The Last Fishing Boat is based on a once successful fisherman (Yussuf) on Lake Malawi who is now faced with struggle due to the depletion of fish in the lake, while his cultural values are being threatened by the expanding tourist industry.

Shoeshine” a short film is both a social commentary and an artistic depiction of the life, aspirations and perspectives of a working child enthralled ZIFF crowds with the unique story line, the story set in a busy street of Dar Es Salam focuses on a shoeshine boy who offers a conscious and subconscious perspective of the space and people of his ranging from the local politician to the neighbour.

This is the 5th year of GIZ’s and Goethe Institute’s collaboration with ZIFF, the Ousmane Sembene Award sponsored by GIZ’s and Goethe Institute is intended to recognize films taking a special approach to topics that play a role in development policies of HIV/Aids, gender issues, ecology or rural development. The purpose of the film prize is honour a film that makes excellent use of aesthetic means.

lina and baby jPerforming in the night after screenings  at the Tribute to Bi Kidude Night were famous Zanzibari Zenji Flava singers Baby J and Synerg, getting her groove on and rocking the crowd at Mambo Club was Linah and THT Band. Local talent at their best the ZIFF DJs continued what they do best – making everyone move and shake on the dance floor!

Over the years ZIFF has developed targeted marketing campaigns including information and outreach activities to educate sex workers on the risks involved. This year as part of ZIFF’s Women Panorama is the Sex Workers Awareness Program, a collaboration between ZIFF and Population Services International to deliver a targeted program in creative ways during the festival and beyond.