The Thursday Movie Nights @ Goethe presents with kind collaboration from the Zanzibar International Film Festival all Award winning and German produced films. Come join us to have a fun night in the beautiful garden of the Goethe-Institut! If you are interested in our upcoming movies and events, you can also download our new programme or connect with us on facebook.

ZIFF Short Movies

Shoeshine by Amil Shivji, Tanzania 2013, 24 minutes
Set in a busy street of Dar es Salaam, a shoeshine boy offers us a conscious and subconscious perspective of the space and people of his city ranging from the local politician to University students as well as the neighbor tea maker. This short-film is both a social commentary and an artistic depiction of the life, aspirations and perspectives of a working child.

The Chairman and the Lions by Peter Biella, USA/Tanzania 2012, 24 minutes
The Maasai leader of a Tanzanian village battles many lions that threaten his community— land grabbers, ‘bush’ lawyers, migration and lack of education. Chairman Frank Ikoyo provides a glimpse into the current world of Maasai—burdened with problems that the community is ill equipped to overcome. He advocates education as a key to village self-determination, despite the fact that it can produce “educated criminals.” The film depicts Ikoyo’s duties as Chairman—persuading women to send daughters to school, interrogating spies in a lawsuit, and eliciting help of a renowned elder to train young warriors in the art of lion hunting.