As we look forward to 2014, we need to reflect on last year since the year 2013 has been significant for ZIFF in many ways. Indeed the year has provided us with moments have been great and memorable as well as those that were not so uplifting. All of them have given us occasions to reflect and resolve to forge ahead.

2013 has been a landmark year for ZIFF as it marked our second year with our Event sponsors . Having a major sponsor has given us respite while also allowing us to expand our horizons beyond donor and private support. Our festival in June was probably the best ever with a pantheon of workshops, film discussions, panorama events and fantastic films.

Indeed 2013 has been an eventful year – with the launch of our full package of Bongo Movies film Awards sponsored by ZUKU.  We also held outreach programs of the ZIFF festival films in Dar Es Salaam – with the support of Goethe Institute as well as collaborating with the Bagamoyo School of Art (TASUBA). We took part in the TASUBA festival in October with film showings and a workshop on film criticism.

In November we undertook the AICC Aboriginal Film Exhibition project through an outreach program in the villages of Paje, Jambiani and Nungwi in Unguja and Bagamoyo in Mainland Tanzania. Four films Sapphires, Mabo, Redfern Now and Mad Bastards we shown. The AICC program is an initiative of Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

In December we ran a 4-day workshop on Arts Journalism, a final component of workshops funded by the Tanzania Media Fund for professional journalists from 7 media houses in Tanzania. We acknowledge and appreciate all the support we have received from diverse individuals and organisations without which we wouldn’t be here. We thank our Board members, partners, colleagues and friends who are united in our vision of advocating for the arts.

We look forward to 2014 and beyond, aspiring to further amplify the voices of African filmmakers and artists, pushing for greater freedom for the arts. Our marquee programs of the Sembene Ousmane Prize, Festival of Festivals and the Children and Women Panoramas will be re-engaged with in 2014. See you 14-22 June, 2014 for the 17th ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries.