• CALL FOR APPLICATIONS:The Zanzibar International Film Festival in Collaboration with The Tanzania Media Fund will organize a 4-day, in-service training program for 10 Tanzanian Journalists with a minimum of three two years’ experience in analysis, investigative reporting, political and culture criticism.The workshop aims at bringing together practicing media journalists around issues of common interest in advancing critical and investigative journalism. It will provide an opportunity for a critical and constructive analysis of the use of social media (Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to reach new audiences, establish beneficial conversations with end users, strengthen brand identity, establish thought leadership, and drive web traffic and building communities.During our last training workshops amongst some of the key comments was the desire by the participants to get time to practice their newly learnt skills within the festival environment.This time around we invite 10 journalists to ZIFF and provide them with a critical, analytical and cultural context for them to practise a range of multimedia journalism within the creative media industries available during ZIFF. This would give them the opportunity to acquire and develop key journalistic skills (writing, research, multimedia production). The journalists will put those skills into practice in two core modules: Professional Practice and in a Major Project where they will be required to submit their work for either a multimedia production, feature writing portfolio, investigative journalism package or video news/audio production.Applications are now invited from Tanzanian journalists from media houses, government media and individual journalists with at least three 3 years media experience in journalism.To apply send the following documents to 
  • • A short cover letter introducing yourself and your project: who you are, your media house or affiliation, and how you think the workshop could be helpful to you.
    • A past feature article example you have written no more than 1000 words.