ZIFF lost one of the most loved leaders and member of the ZIFF family. Emerson Skeens left us after a long bout with cancer on Saturday 30th, 2014. Emerson, the man, Emerson the patron of the arts and Emerson the cultural stalwart will be hugely missed in Zanzibar, the Island he so loved.
As a ZIFF funding Chair Emerson knew how ZIFF could be integral to Zanzibar’s economy as a linchpin of tourism but more important to him ZIFF was a cultural tool for the fight for egalitarianism, liberalism, freedom and peace in Zanzibar. As he moves on to a restful place Emerson leaves footprints brightly shining in the darkness we face today.

Rest in Peace ndugu yetu Emerson Skeens.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un