Director: Joyce Mhango Chavula
Malawi / 2013/ 80min

Regina Banda and Chigomezgo Kabata are best of friends who go a long way back. At 20 years old, they already have thriving careers. But while Chigo is relatively happy and about to marry her boyfriend Ronald Langwe, Ginas dad is critically ill which results in Gina giving up her job and putting her life on hold just to take care of her ailing father who later dies. Now she is an orphan after losing her mother way back..
Jacob Kaunda popularly known as Jay is a rich educated young man yet unmarried. When he meets Gina for the first time he does waste time but to take advantage of the beautiful yet vulnerable orphan. As Gina thinks that her life is about to change for the better, she is shocked to learn that the handsome man is nothing but a nightmare. So, probably marriage was not an option but was it marriage? She moved in with a man who has failed to commit to marriage ever since.
As Chigo who is happily settledin her marital home persuades her to leave Jay before something worse happens, Gina stands her ground and waits for the perfect time to finally say No more tears and she is determined to do this with nobodys help.