The Zanzibar International Film Festival 2014 is host to more than film screenings. The 8 day line-up also includes nightly musical performances, visual art exhibitions and more.

Visual Arts

“Swahili Gift” an Exhibition by Seif Soud
Monday June 16th – 22nd June Double Tree Hilton Hotel
Seif Soud is a Zanzabari born and bred artist who began performaning his craft in 1999 in the Ngome KOngwe Art Precinct in Stonetown Zanzibar.

In this exhibition he paints sites and images that are inspired by Swahili cultural materials, colours and way of life, which fuses to create a lasting impact on the viewer.

Afrika Tutafika Exhibition
June 15 – 18th Old Customs House
This exhibition from the Ugandan design house features African inspired fashion that are made in Uganda from locally sourced materials.

June 19th – 22nd Old Customs House
With this creation on 3 screens, Christine Coulange achieves a long-term multimedia work : 5 years of travel, sound recording, sound and images composition while following musicians, rites and ceremonies in the deserts and the villages, in the islands and the cities all along this big geographic arc which joins up the Mediterranean sea and the Indian Ocean.

It is long journey across the Spice Road, a wide crossing full of sonorous images, rhythms from Egypt to Laos and Malaysia, through Tanzania, Kenya, the Comoros and Zanzibar. We follow the vital lead of rituals, rare and powerful, overwhelming landscapes, every day’s life details… Eyes and ears open to actions and rhythms, to collective ritual practice, to body language, to echoing threnodies, Sisygambis sew together traditional music and surrounding sounds to their own electronic compositions.

Transported by trance music and seams from ancestral and contemporary cultures, the film makers-composers want to transmit through musical and visual sampling the power of gestures, the singularity of ordinary and extraordinary voices, the strength and the beauty of men and women at the other end of our common world.

Music & Performance

Music-wise the festival will feature 13 performing groups with Didier Awadi, the Senegalese maestro performing on the opening night on 14th June.

Groups from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and South Africa are scheduled to entice audiences over the 9 nights of the festival. All concerts will take place at the Old Fort and tickets are available online at

June 14th. Tamaduni Music (Tanzania), Didier Awadi (Senegal)
June 15th: Cocodo Band (Tanzania), Sauti Sol (Kenya)
June 16th: Warriors From the East (Kenya/Tanzania), Mkaanga Sumu (Tanzania)
June 17th: Tanouri Dancers (Egypt), Kidumbak (Zanzibar)
June 18th: Swahilli Vibes (Zanzibar), Mzungu Kichaa (Zanzibar/ Tanzania)
June 19th: Comoro, Ras Innocent Nganyagwa
June 20th: Grace Matata (Tanzania), TBC
June 21st : ZIFF After Party with Godykaozya & The Tongwa Ensemble (Tanzania), Habib Koite (Mali)
June 22nd: AFDA After Party with AY(Tanzania), Body, Mind & Soul (Malawi)

Online Ticket Purchases
To ensure that visitors are able to get their tickets in time and conveniently ZIFF has entered into an agreement with 3G Directpay, which will provide with the online payment service for the nine-day bounty of special programming and festivities. Passes will be available for purchase at