Director: Charles Smith
USA, Tanzania / 2014/ 53min

One Step Beyond examines what it means to be a leader regardless of all circumstances. The film chronicles the lives of two young people who are shifting the single stories of their community, and confronting the beliefs that the world has about Africa, youth, leadership, and education. John and Furaha, two Tanzanian youth, travel with 26 youth and adults from Kenya and Tanzania to the United States for a 3 1/2 week Youth Leadership Program delivered by BoldLeaders. Upon their return home to Dar Es Salaam, a number of the program participants created the Voice Giving project. The project sparked the attention of the local and national government, the public and the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania and launched a community-wide discussion on the vital concepts of education and leadership. The film fosters wide-ranging dialogue on what it means to be an effective leader. One Step Beyond confronts the dominant knowledge-based educational and leadership models that are pervasive throughout most educational institutions and programs.