Directors: Justine Bitagoye , Pascal Capitolin
Germany, Burundi, France / 2012 / 64min

In 2012 Burundi celebrates its 50 years of independance. One man, an emblematic figure of the anticolonial struggle, is directly linked to this independance, We are talking, naturally, about Prince Louis Rwagasore, son of king Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge. In the short span of his political life, he manages to gather a crowd of militants in support of his vision: to cast off the colonial yoke. And, in 1961, at the first free elections, his party is victorious and he becomes Prime Minister. And then, after but a few days after the formation of his government, he is assassinated on october 13th 1961. On juli 1st 1962 Burundi gets its independance in the absence of the one who gave his life and soul to reach that grand day. Le mausoleum en honneur de Louis Rwagasore à Bujumbura. The documentary is based on what immediate witnesses could tell us and on historical sources. While Rwagasore is well known as the hero of the independance, little in fact is known about his life and what his vision truly was. This film opens a window to his life and political struggle. It shows us the illustrious man behind the myth and justifies the interpretation of the apparent defeat of his death as a living hope for Burundi, now and tomorrow.