Director: Gibert Ndahayo
Rwanda / 2013 / 107

The Rwandan Night is a feature ethno-documentary that is centered around the haunting memories of one of the oldest survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. One night, in the spring of 2006 before a large audience at Mumena stadium in the capital city of Rwanda, Sakindi bears witness to the story of his survival since 1959. Both poetic and moving, Ndahayo’s use of original Rwandan music of commemoration, produces a vivid cinematic rendering of this unique voice forcefully testifying to the long ordeal of his people during so many decades before April 1994. Alternating between footage filmed in Kigali during a commemoration night and more recent testimonies of survivors and genocide scholars in the United States, Ndahayos second film creates a fascinating dialog between survivors and those who seek to understand the roots of genocide.