Director: Amira Tajdin


This is the story of five talented students at SKU, Star Kenya University, one of the finest Universities in the Great Lakes region. Zamm is a member of the prestigious Star Kenya University Campus choir, along with his friend Guy and his/ girlfriend Bisquit. The choir has been in existence for several years, as part of the university’s heritage, and has performed at national events. It is considered a privilege to be part of the choir. One day, however, after upstaging the choir in the middle of an annual benefit concert at the campus, Zamm and Guy get kicked out by Professor Eliud Bori, the totalitarian choir master.

With the choir being the only form of sanctioned artistic expression in the University, Zamm and Guy, incited by the resident student radio DJ, Bryan, come up with the idea of forming a band of their own. In a university where the music and arts department is forcefully given a back seat, Zamm finds plenty of obstacles in his way as he tries to put together the band, including the choir master himself, a stubborn Dean of students, lack of instruments, Zamm’s nosy younger sister (Clarinet), and the generational pressure from his traditionalist father who is a member of the board, and proud supporter of the choir’s heritage.

There is also the looming threat by the university to close down the music department, run by the overworked Miss Marie, if it doesn’t register enough students to meet the required quotas. But when Zamm teams up with a talented geek called Ledama, the band gets a taste of the future, until everything goes wrong again, affecting his relationship with his family and Bisquit. The revolution has begun. Can Zamm realize his dream, and still keep his girlfriend? Can the talented ones break out of the system or are they the ones who need to change? Will the revolution be televised?

For the band, it’s not just about the practice; it’s about the theory.