Director: Jean Francois Mean
USA-Tanzania /2013/ 60min

Pamoko is an expression that was only recently derived from the swahili word Pamoja – Together, by Tanzanian youth. The Pamoko campaign was a call for the youth to celebrate the end of the murder wave of persons with albinism and start a dialogue about a topic that had long remained taboo. Pamoko aimed to give the Tanzanian public the vital information that might have prevented the whole murder wave in the first place: an explanation for albinism. These pages and this website are a documentation of this campaign, they are also a space for people to discuss, learn from each other and explore all the differences that unite them. For two whole years from 2011 to 2013, the Pamoko campaign happened in various media on the streets of Tanzanian villages, cities and towns.  The Pamoko tour was documented and edited into a one hour film