The Difficult Dialogues show presents an ideal forum for dialogue amongst represented stakeholders. It is a great way to get Tanzanians involved in social issues. It has visible outcomes (a lively debate, TV Live Program and for distribution to other TV houses) and allows for future development of possible current affairs TV programs in Zanzibar.
    June 18th 19:20, The Old Fort Ampitheatre
    The magnitude of the threat posed by climate change and the environment in Africa could be even more damaging if not curtailed in time. Indeed developing countries have even greater propensity to underestimating the impacts of climate change. Therefore mass media strategies can be used to set agendas, bridge the gap in knowledge between people, and remind people about issues of climate change and their health and economy. Communities in Tanzania also face poor policies and land management regulations which have led to conflict of land grabbing, land misuse and displacement of communities from their traditional lands. We believe this is an opportunity for the community to be made aware of the diversity of opinions around the issue of land and the environment.
  • The Madiba Legacy: The Struggle Continues
    (Thursday 19th June, 7.30-8.30pm)

    This year we want to remember Madiba through a number of events at ZIFF including Opening the festival with the film Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom and also undertake a Public Forum on his legacy The Madiba Legacy: The Struggle Continues.  Danny Schechter argues that, “…what we do know, though, is that the ANC, when it came to power, was more preoccupied with political change than with economic change. And I think the problems that we’re facing in South Africa today and in many other countries are because movements for change don’t focus on economics. They mostly focus on politics.”
    As an addendum to the Mandela Legacy debate on Sunday 15th June we shall show films including on Sobukwe (Sobukwe: A Great Soul), Samora Machel (Comrade President) as well as on Albie Sacks(The Soft Vengeance of Albie Sachs) and the beautiful We Never Give Up II.
    12:30-14.00 Daily at The Hilton Hotel Conference Centre (Top Floor) Everyday a press conference will be held for filmmakers whose films had been shown the previous day. Other personalities might also be invited to speak to the media gallery. The public, distributors and the media have the opportunity to talk to the guests, as well as network in friendly environment.
    21st June 2014
    19.30pm  As the Sailing Dhow reaches the shores of its destination and anchors, the community, passengers all then award the most celebrated of its crew! ZIFF concludes with a mesmerising event awarding the best of regional and international films and filmmakers.  The evening is not complete without the shattering release of all the pent up energy in the Mambo Club with a musical galore.
    22nd June 2014

    African Films Development Awards is a project of African Film Development Foundation aimed at celebrating and recognising outstanding individuals and bodies who have contributed towards the development of African Cinema. The awards project is dedicated to promoting, identifying and celebrating excellence within the African Film Industry.
    This year’s awards will be held in Zanzibar, at the Old Fort Amphitheatre on Sunday 22 June coinciding with the end of ZIFF 2014.
    In attendance will be luminaries and stars of the Nollywood Cinema scene. An event not to be missed
    21st June : 21st is World Down Syndrome Awareness day, thus selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (TRISOMY) of 21ST Chromosomes that cause Down Syndrome.
    This day 21st June 2014 is going to be an event that will bring people from different parts of the World in an attempt to use the power of Art to help bring the awareness to this health problem. This will be a cause that will involve general public to participate in a unique awareness event. Trabajo Voluntario join hands with ZIFF during the Tamasha time to provide the community with the whole day just for the kids. It is on these grounds that we invite Tanzanians to join the movement by participating in this 21st June event even as we continue to work towards transforming the lives of the less privileged and eliminating untimely deaths caused by the lack of community awareness, sexual abuse and lack of medical treatment.  The day will end with a Fund Raising Event for Trabajo Voluntario just prior to the Awards Night celebrations.
    As usual ZIFF gives prominence to Swahili language films popularly known as Bongo movies. We recognise the many efforts, big and small, that have led to Tanzania developing a unique cinema pop-culture that has spawn a great entrepreneurial activity. A Special screening venue has been set up just for that to allow Swahili speakers, cinema enthusiast and academics to study an evolving social activity in motion.45