Panoramas are a platform where we share with other organisations to project our ideals of:

In 2014 ZIFF proposes a collaborative project covering a number of aspects/projects.

1. FILM AND AWARENESS– For community involvement and Awareness of issues through film. This year we propose to show films with a focus on two critical aspects to society: The Environment and Poverty. We have received films that have been dubbed/subtitled in Kiswahili and we want to use these to discuss the two contemporary issues of the impact of the abuse of the environment. The films include:

2. ENTREPRENEUSHIP AND WOMEN- Advancing entrepreneurship of small businesses through a 2 day Workshop. We want to encourage all women in any value chain to understand their role in their individual and group’s development, through the involvement of WIOMSA’s led or supported groups eg Seaweed farming. The key to enhancing entrepreneurship amongst village women is to provide them with access to know-how and technologies and some form of credit. This project aims to upgrade some street business women to enhance their entrepreneurial and business skills whether in artisanal production or household level business.

3. SOKO ENVIRONMENT– An Edu-tainment spot that would create a space where women can do business, interact, be entertained and learn about Gender Based Violence (GBV) in an engaging manner. We plan to create a spot outside the Soko Filam Venue during ZIFF where women business can sell and market their products, they can also be exposed to other people who might be interested in their businesses as well as a venue where the women would interact, do some henna painting or braiding while conversing other women. Some performances in music, poetry etc could also be held. This is where we also expect discussions on GBV could take place in a free and friendly environment.