We are happy to announce the First Edition of MASHARIKI AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL. It will be held from the 8th to 14th March 2015 in Kigali/ RWANDA. The festival has lined up various activities to bolster film  making, these includes workshops, film screenings, training, discussions, peer networking and mentorship programmes.

As the festival plans reach high gear, we are not only interested in the quantum of numbers but also on the quality of films that will be submitted thereto. Once again, the festival will provide an expression platform for both established and emerging talent in feature, documentary and short films genre of film making while reaching a wider audience. The festival seeks to celebrate the African achievements of filmmaking, recognise relevant  exemplary performance and success in film making, encourage innovation, creativity and intellectual interaction among film lovers,

The theme of the first Edition of Mashariki African Film Festival is “AFRICA, WE CHERISH OUR STORIES”. It is envisaged that the selected films will offer a nostalgic experience and bring forth “many down memory lanes.” We will tag on the audiences sentimentalities and motivate them to share the African stories experience.

The best films will be screened during the festival. The distinguishing characteristic of this concept is that it will support the creative cultural expression while introducing film as a business. We will organise a 2 weeks production workshop and produce 4 short films, we are aiming to have 14 Rwandan participants and all the film will be screened at the closing ceremony of MASHARIKI AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL.
The deadline for all application will be 30th January 2015 respectively.

Tresor SENGA
President of the Festival

Festival Director

+250 78 850 5042


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