Ireland/Uganda,2014 |78 Min |Dir : Aemile Dinneen

Amidst the heat and haze of Uganda’s bustling capital Kampala, a rapidly growing breakdance movement is producing some of the best hip-hop dancers in Africa.

When the artistic director of Breakin’ Convention Dance Festival in London Jonzi D arrives in Uganda to find a crew to commission for his festival, local company Tabu Flo step up to the mark- proposing a show about a traditional local cult of gravedigging, cannibalistic spirits called Abasezi. As the dancers begin to delve deeper into the background of their show they unearth some strange phenomenon surrounding this powerful tradition, and the lines dividing religion from superstition, myth from reality, and possession from the dance become increasingly blurred.

With striking photography, a charismatic cast of Uganda’s finest dancers and explosive performances, Abasezi- The Nightdancers is a deftly woven portrait of a modern interconnected African youth taking their place on a global stage.

A debut feature documentary from Emile Dinneen, financed by the Irish Film Board, featuring Tabu Flo Dance Crew, Breakdance Project Uganda, Jonzi D & Breakin’ Convention Sadler’s Wells, shot on location in Kampala Uganda and London.