Between July 21-23 2015, the LAB Community in collaboration with the Zanzibar International Film Festival will host a three-day workshop using the principles of transformational leadership, Pan-Africanism, and mindfulness, to empower and engage youth at ZIFF around issues of Pan-Africanism. The workshop is being run by The LAB Community, a group of artists, development practitioners and scholars whose objective is to support community development based in the principles and values of equality, justice, caring, acceptance, non-violence, sustainability and cooperation.  Over the years ZIFF has always hosted workshops and outreach programmes for youth, vulnerable communities in Zanzibar and for the East African filmmaker community. In 2015 ZIFF will once again host a range of workshops, with The Lab Community traveling from Europe to conduct this three day event.

This workshop will empower youth to engage in community development through skills-building, self study, historical reflection and collaboration. Young people will also have the opportunity to connect with others across the Global South. The workshop, however, needs your support. All interested organisations and indivuals are invite to join the crowd-sourcing initiative to support this workshop via the following link:


Your support will help fund:

  • A three day workshop for youth in Zanzibar;
  • A two workshop for local artists who will be supporting the workshop;
  • Supplies for youth to create a mural in celebration of Pan-Africanism in Zanzibar;
  • 2 dialogues with 4 thought leaders from across the diaspora on Challenges to Pan-Africanism and the Way Forward; and
  • A Caribbean In Transit* workshop with LAB support for at least 200 youth in Trinidad and Tobago.

For more information also visit HERE for more information.