Surreal Beauty and Degradation: Photography Exhibition by Shams Bhanji

Inspired by the unique beauty of walls, doors, windows and women in stonetown, Zanzibar ,I have tried to create surreal dreamlike images by blending secretive beautiful and sensual women together with ornate wooden doors,windows and colourful crumbling walls, patched many times during the past 150 years of their existence ….

The subject matter is kind of a philosophical investigation into the nature of beauty and the perception of beauty bearing in mind a society with strong traditional, moral and cultural values which can sometimes lead to repression and self degradation.

Like most artists, I try to express the inner world and personal experiences by using symbols, colors, and images to reveal things that might get lost in language.



Shams Bhanji

An East African who has travelled widely and has exhibited his works in Denmark, USA and East Africa. Started his career as a photographer and has evolved over the years into an award winning film director.

Photography Exhibition ZIFF 2015
By Shams Bhanji
From 18th au 25th July 2015
Venue: Maru Maru Hotel