Pan Africanism as an ideology has been used in the African Leadership effort with mixed results. Recently, with the xenophobic developments in South Africa, the migrations to Europe and inside Africa, and the continuing corruption and poor leadership in Africa, Pan Africanism has been in the spotlight.

During ZIFF, the Lab Community will engage with young people to create a dance and art space. The Lab will later travel in the continent and the Diaspora to engage with African and non-African youth on Pan Africanism and development. Young participants will be selected to undertake the workshop that will result in creating a mural in Forodhani and a dance performance highlighting Pan Africanism.

If you didn’t know, now you know! ZIFF is partnering with LAB Community and Caribbean InTransit to support the next generation of Pan-Africanists through a youth leadership workshop.

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The whole project consists of:

  • a three-day workshop for youth in Zanzibar;
  • a two day preparation workshop for local artists who will be supporting the actual workshop;
  • two dialogues with four thought leaders from across the diaspora on challenges to Pan-Africanism and the way forward (one evening discussion on 23rd July).