This Journey of Ours / Ndiyo Hii Safari Yetu

This simple theme is yet complex in its implications.

Any journey is symbolic of life, with its trials and tribulations, its highs and lows and with its destinations that change with time. On the road of life the journey transforms us through its bends and long stretches making speed a companion of ours like the shadow.

Journeys lead us to crossroads making drama of any choice we make but we are still travelling onward even though we may actually have taken a detour. And what happens when we get lost? Do we simply sit down and cry and give up? No we journey on trying new routes full of hope and anticipation.

Many journeys portend destinations but destinations do not define journeys for every trip of our lifetime teaches us perseverance, patience and inspires motivations. And however easy or tough the journey might have been, destinations often inspire new journeys.