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: Selé M’Poko
2014- 86′
Democratic Republic of Congo , United States

Daniel Albertse                       Director of photography
Woody Richman                     Film editor
Henri Scars Struck                 Music soundtrack
Neil  Benezra                         Sound designer
Jo D. Jonz                              Cast
Moise  Ilunga                          Cast

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John of God is the world’s greatest musician…in his own mind. When an American is sent to Kinshasa to do a tell all story about him, his talent is put to the test. When he arrives, things are not all they were cracked up to be. The local producer he hires, Guy, is not a real producer and John of God himself is a total narcissist who doesn’t like visitors and won’t do anything without being paid. Follow Brandon as he does what ever it takes to get his film made.