Zanzibar International Film Festival is one of the highlights of the island nation’s cultural calendar with thousands of people attending every year. Films, filmmakers, film-lovers and tourists all flock to the 9 day event that celebrates music, the arts and the spirit of the island itself.

Every year ZIFF hosts a range of international filmmakers from across Africa and all over the World.

They create the vibrant and engaging atmosphere that the festival is renowned for. Filmmakers take part in multiple workshops, discussions and interactions with other industry players, aspiring filmmakers, and film fans from Zanzibar and beyond.

One of the most important elements of ZIFF is the cultural exchange that takes place when you have filmmakers from all over the world celebrating, learning and networking and sharing.

Most filmmakers invited are self-funded and work very hard to fund their trip to the island.  ZIFF is struggling this year to cover their staying in Zanzibar for at least 3 nights.

This year, you can contribute to ensuring that ZIFF can host 20 filmmakers invited to attend.  We invite you to donate and thereby participate in “this journey of ours” – the theme of this year’s festival.

Whilst we have support from travel and accommodation partners reducing rates, we need your donation to ensure that all invited filmmakers can attend and benefit from the full experience that is ZIFF.