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2014, 73′ Rwanda

Produced by Joel Karekezi, Casey Schroen and Veronique Doumbe

Wilson Egessa as Karemera,
Prince Okuyo Joel as Manzi,
Brenda Ibarah as Dusabe,
Rahema Nanfuka as Alice,
Wawuyo Michael as Kalis


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In 1994 the fastest genocide in the history of the humankind took place in a small East African nation of Rwanda: almost one million Tutsis were killed. THE PARDON tells a story of two once best friends, MANZI and KAREMERA, who become divided along the political and tribal lines by the conflict. After joining the extremist Hutu militia MANZI kills KAREMERA’s family. Fifteen years later, among the countrywide efforts for reconciliation, KAREMERA finds himself unable to forgive MANZI for his crimes and tries to find evidence which could implicate MANZI in the planning of the Tutsi genocide. Is true reconciliation possible? What price are we willing to pay for peace? This is a story about overcoming loss and the long windy road to forgiveness.