20th Anniversary Edition of ZIFF

As African Cinema rises so is ZIFF rising and this will be a memorable edition.
We will celebrate 20 years of one of the greatest film festival in Africa and especially in East Africa.

20th year in which ZIFF has been the backbone of many filmmakers, artist and dreamers.

The island of Zanzibar is a crossroads where arts, visions and stories of hope for the future meet. The festival, with courage, has challenged culture, politics, society, religions with multiple themes but above all with CINEMA. And this always with one idea in mind … we all can make a better world.

CINEMA, the seventh art, makes everyone capable to see and take part in the world journey today. CINEMA gives everyone the courage to denounce evil and injustice, to empower audiences with the conviction that we can change the world.

In a world of terror and fear, of discouragement and despair ZIFF 2017 dare to boost joy and hope.  FINDING JOY / KUSIKIA FURAHA is therefore the theme of this special ZIFF 20th.

We do hope that the selection of this year will contribute to share happiness and hope as the goal for every human being. ZIFF once again will the place where we celebrate Cinema and Art for the people with a special regard to those considered “left overs of society” .

ZIFF will be their voice and eyes…. Together we will find joy and hope for all.

That’s the challenge of this new ZIFF 2017.


Fabrizio Colombo
Festival Director