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ZIFF 20 has marked a turning point in the history of our festival. We are set now to be more professional and centered on the passion we all love: CINEMA.

And the big step this year will be the hosting of DISCOP ZANZIBAR where all the industry of Cinema. TV and digital communication will gather transforming ZIFF in a great platform to boost East Africa industry.

This development will give chance to African cinema in general to be seen and heard. That’s our theme this year Speak Up and be Heard – Sema na Usikike.

Cinema and arts have the courage very often to raise the voice to defend, to denounce and to provoque societies when human dignity and life is attacked and sometimes crushed under systems of power and injustice. ZIFF 2018 wants to celebrate also that kind of cinema engaged and with no fear…

There are times when silence speaks very loud but most of the time when we do not speak we lose more than sound. When we speak up it is because we feel that silence will not do. We speak up to stand for what we believe in and we speak up to stand for others. We often speak up because we can no longer stand silent when we see oppression taking place.

But speaking up requires courage, consistence and taking position. Through film we can speak up and let all those who see and experience a movie know that we can never be silenced.

 So speak up and be heard!

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Kuna wakati ukimya una kishindo kikubwa, lakini pia tuwapo kimya tunapoteza zaidi ya sauti. Tunaposimama tukasema, ni kwa sababu tunaona ukimya haufai tena. Tunakisimamia na kusemea kile tunachokiamini na pia tunawasemea wengine. Mara nyingi tunasimama na kuupinga ukandamizaji au udhalimu unapodhihiri. Lakini kusema kunataka moyo wa kishujaa, uhakika na uamuzi. Kupitia filamu tunawajuza wale waionayo filamu na kuisikia, kuwa hatuwezi tena kunyamazishwa.

Hivyo simama, useme na usikike!


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