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2018 – 80′

Lead actors: Levina Mahimbali, Yahaya Shabani
Cast: Wilfried Mwanyika, Samwel Mlawa, Alexander Benjamin Waters
Phil Said, Imelder Mboneko Munyaga, Alex Kalemela
Abou Mdewele, Hilda Soa, Veronica Aloyce Lyimo
Abdully Ramadhan, Ikupa Moses, Mohammed Maeda, Frank Davison
Advisor – Harald Geil
Director of photography – Thomas Rotsching
Second camera assistant – Frank Burilo
First camera assistant – Calvin Lucas Mabuga
Grip – Rodgers Kasamiro
Sound editing – Sven Jensen Brakelmann
Sound – Rodney Machange
Sound – Abednego Kanonora
Film editor – Aline Bovin
Music soundtrack – Jens Fischer
Executive Producer – Nicholaus Agrey Msami

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Hatua Kwa Hatua is the second collaborative Film of the bagamoyo film collective
Hatua kwa Hatua is a film about the relationship and dynamics of environment and every day life. The Film tells the story of Mama K and her husband. He is a fisherman, but he hasn’t found fish for a long time, because of the over fished sea. Mama K becomes the main provider for the family. That leads to conflicts in their relationship. And there is a community theatre group thinking about their next street performance.