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 +1 (347) 805-7278

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2017 – 17′

Director of photography  – Charlotte Dupré
Scriptwriter – Ellie Foumbi
Music soundtrack – Gavin Brivik
Film editor – Daniel Gross
Art director – Gabriella Moses
Lead actor / actress – Rudy Mungaray
Lead actor / actress – Ellie Foumbi
Supporting actor / actress – Benton Greene
Supporting actor / actress – Michelle Macau
Sound – Alistair Farrant
Sound editing – Mike Frank

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The story is about a guy who buys a sisal farm with an intention of mining for gold that is available in abundance on a village which is on the farm. He decides to chase away the villagers and threatens to demolish their houses. Trouble starts when the village chief mobilizes his people and tells them not to leave.