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2016 – 96′

Distribution Company – Sonrhay Empire Productions
Production Company – Sonrhay Empire Productions
Distribution Company – Sonrhay Empire Productions
Scriptwriter  – Rahmatou KeÏta
Story – Rahmatou KeÏta
Director of photography –  Philippe Radoux Bazzini
Sound – Laurent Malan
Film editor – Camille Cotte
Music soundtrack – Ali Johnny Maïga
Music soundtrack  – Philippe Miller

Magaajyia Silberfeld

Salamatou Kimba Farinwata , Ali Nuhu ,Mariam Kaba
Aïchatou Moussa, Aïchatou Lamine Fofana
Harouna Amoud, Yazi Dogo
Kudzo Do Tobias, Théo Kleiner
Sandor Funtek, Yahaya Inoussa

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Tiyaa is a student, member of a prestigious aristocratic family. She is back home to sultanate of Damagaran, in Niger Republic, for the Winter holidays. As planned, she is expecting the young man she met in the university she is studying abroad, to make a formal proposal of marriage. He too comes from a prestigious family, not far from Damagaran and her parents cannot reject such an eligible fiancé.
Tiyaa is overwhelmed… While expecting him, she has time to inform her friends of this secret love. Life is pleasant and peaceful but time passes and the handsome suitor is slow to come. Tiyaa has the opportunity to discover in her surroundings other women whose love stories, marriage, desertion or divorce tell of the relationship between men and women in the Sahelian society.