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Email: earle@afda.co.za

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2018 – 12′
South Africa

Brodie Muirhead                            Writer

Marno Koen                                   Producer

Kevin Koopman, Thalia Pretorius   Key Cast

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Joe, a male nurse, tries to return to the house of suffering he lost his sister in. He’s greeted by the first of the two addicts he left behind, a venomous creature called Heidi. Upon helping Heidi and her skittish counterpart, Deborah, Joe retires to help pack up the last of his deceased sister’s things. Heidi overdoses in the other room and Joe comes to her rescue. Heidi breathes again and launches into an assault blaming Joe for his sister’s death. Deborah collapses into a panic-fuelled run to more heroin. Joe explodes and throws himself into the fray once more. Heidi however, has Deborah in an evil clutch. Deborah makes a mistake and leaves them forever.