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2018 – 5:53′


Mark Ayabei                                                           Writer
Mark Ayabei                                                           Producer
Christine Njeri, Emmauel Clench, Joab Omondi,   Key Cast
Ciru Muiruki, Christine Njeri,Joshua Nkonge          Key Cast

In recent years being a creative has been perceived as a less sustainable profession compared to doctors,
engineers, lawyers etc.
By ‘Creative’ I mean Film Makers, Graphic designers, Illustrators, Painters, Musicians etc. This perception starts from
the grass roots of our education systems all the way to the halls of our colleges and universities.
Creatives are not empowered to believe they are of great value to the society, which in reality they play the most
vital in predicting and designing the future economies of our Country and Continent.
In spite of these challenges many creatives have managed to stay relevant through passion and persistence and a
small percentage are slowly paving the way for others follow.
This short Film seeks to highlight that small group and change the perception of people on creative talent. We want
the wider public value our potential, so that creatives in Kenya and the African continent don’t have to continue
being the most negatively affected.