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Christina Pande

2018 – 15:58′


Goodhope Elieskia Zagamba                                Writer
Goodhope Elieskia                                                 Producer
Bakari Masasi, Isabella Peter,                               Key Cast
Simon Mwakifwamba,Belinda Steven,                  Key Cast
Shamira Mfikirwa, Stain kijora, Dennis Louise      Key Cast

DENIS (37) is a very smart and caring man, lives with his daughter HATIA (6) with asthma problems, one day Hatia plays in the rain with her friends, she gets asthma and her father with the help of neighbour family runs into hospital. She gets the first aid treatment and Doctor told Denis about having the problem of lack of medicine in the hospital, so he has to buy out side. Denis going to a pharmacy and finds the pharmacy is open but pharmacist is not there, He decides to take medication as he is aware of it, looking for wallet in his pocket to get rid of it at the pharmacy but he is surprised, he remembers leaving his wallet in his coat which he covered Hatia, The first decision is to bring medicine to the hospital so that Hatia can start asthma treatment as soon as possible, when he comes out she fount pharmacist with his medicine in hand, pharmacist shout out by calling Denis a thief. Denis decides to run to save his life. He runs for a while eventually succeeding in escaping the runners, arrives at the hospital with his pills, finds Hatia’s dead.