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2018 – 22:00′


Mary Nyanzi, Consodine Buzabo              Writer
Mathew Nabwiso, Eleanor Nabwiso          Producer
Eleanor Nabwiso, Mathew Nabwiso          Key Cast
Saha Serugo, Ruth Kamanzi                     Key Cast

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This episode introduces us to the core family of the Mpangas; Frank the father, Jackie the mother, Molly their 15 year old daughter, and Tim their 10 year old son. They are having breakfast and before Frank goes to work he leaves explicit instructions to his children to help their mother with the domestic chores. We get to know that Jackie is a house wife whose role is to basically take care of the home. Mildred an old time friend of Jackie pays her a surprise visit and we get to learn that Molly is not Jackie’s biological mother. Mildred who is career woman introduces Jackie to a new job opportunity at her work place and this is what sparks of the major conflict of Jackie having to choose between being a wife and a mother on the one hand and returning to being a career woman. This episode highlights the importance of traditional family values. It’s thanks giving and the children have forgotten to make their speeches which does not arguer well with Frank who is a man hell bent on respecting the traditional family values. He is also totally against the whole idea of Jackie going back to work and reminds her of their agreement about her being a stay at home mother and a wife. Jackie is adamant that she wants a new challenge and Frank caves in to her wishes. The episode ends on a light note when the kids eventually learn the importance of upholding the traditional family values.