Welcome to the second call for applications of the ACP-EU Culture Programme (Eastern Africa): Ignite Culture! Ignite Culture’s first application call was launched in August 2021 and awarded grants to our first cohort of 19 organisations in 2022. This grant was designed to enable organizations to successfully develop new ventures, programs and projects for their target communities and demographics, which will go a long way to making their own work and the work of their target communities more sustainable.

(Organizations in this case means: associations, businesses, NGO’s, public or government institutions, local authorities, universities, cultural institutes, museums, art centres, agencies, collectives, consortias, etc. provided they demonstrate legal and administrative autonomy.)

This grant will also enable recipients to design, implement and engage in any suitable activities that:

  • strengthen the creative and cultural ecosystem in which practitioners and organizations operate in Eastern Africa;

  • improve the access and visibility of the diverse creative and cultural sectors in Eastern Africa;

  • promote economic growth of the creative and cultural sector in the Eastern Africa region.

Through grant financing of between 30,000 euros and 180,000 euros, prospective applicants should direct any financial support toward the following activities:

  • increasing the quality and/or quantity of creative and cultural goods and/or services

  • improving visual literacy of audiences, visibility of makers and access to new markets for creative and cultural goods and services from Eastern Africa

  • building appropriate, industry-ready skills and capacity for young people entering the cultural and creative sectors

  • improving the capacity and knowledge of Eastern Africa’s creative and cultural practitioners on policy, legal and financing frameworks impacting the sector and increasing their ability to advocate for more supportive policy and legal structures

    Read more details about these four project focus areas here.

Calls for proposals will be released in 2021 (closed), 2022 (open 6th July), and 2023 for projects that support the growth and development of the cultural and creative sectors of Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

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