EU Day at ZIFF2023

Are you ready for EU Day at ZIFF2023?

ZIFF continues its new tradition of hosting NATIONAL DAYS at the festival, and we are thrilled to announce that the 26th edition of the festival will once again feature EU DAY. On June 28, 2023, we will celebrate the profound impact of European cinema, with a particular focus on Italy and Ireland, on the global film landscape. In Tanzania, we’ve had the opportunity to experience a diverse range of films, including lesser-known gems that provide a refreshing aesthetic and ideological contrast to mainstream Hollywood productions.


Italian neorealism, a highly influential movement in film history, marked a deliberate departure from Hollywood-style filmmaking by emphasizing realistic characters and stories. Its influence can be seen in many African cinemas, including Bongo Movies and Nollywood, where themes of moral ambiguity, honest portrayals of economic deprivation, and a deep sympathy for characters have been adopted. Italy showcased not only how engaging narrative techniques can shed light on social issues but also how cinema can shape and redefine national identity.


In recent years, Ireland has gained prominence as a filmmaking hub, earning the title of “capital of filmmaking” according to Variety magazine. The country has established itself as one of the most desirable production environments globally, and Irish creative talents have received international acclaim. As part of the EU Day program, we are proud to screen “An Irish Goodbye,” a BAFTA and Academy Award-winning short film that explores themes of grief, brotherhood, and the importance of fulfilling our aspirations before it is too late.

“Two faces of Tomorrow” a documentary by Patrick Hough.
Please add “Directed by Patrick Hough, this documentary-fiction film follows an unseen researcher as they explore the enduring influence of algae on our planet. As their research uncovers the relations between Capitalism and algae, algae and the Earth, the Earth and humans, they begin to understand the origins of our current climate crisis

Patrick Hough and Tracy Bass will also conduct a Workshop titled, “Postcards to the Future”  which will allow filmmakers of any skill level to participate and think about storytelling in the form of a photograph, piece of writing, iphone film or spoken word..

As part of the EU Day lineup, we are thrilled to present a specially curated selection of exceptional films, featuring five remarkable Italian films and one captivating Irish film.

We encourage you to stay updated on our website and social media pages for further details about the events scheduled for EU Day, as well as the complete festival program.